The Pey-Berland site
of the University of Bordeaux

The Pey-Berland site of the University of Bordeaux dates from the late nineteenth century and it is located in the heart of Bordeaux, next to the Cathedral St André. It was the historic site of the faculties of law, political science, economics and management, and it is nowadays dedicated to hosting major events in all disciplines. It stills hosts the “Pôle juridique et judiciaire”  (PJJ). Its unique position makes it also an ideal point of departure for visiting Bordeaux downtown and numerous historical sites.

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How to reach the conference venue

The Pole is located at the 35 Place Pey Berland, in the very town center, next to the St André cathedral and the Hotel de Ville. You can easily get there by public transport. See the TBC network website.

FROM THE TRAIN STATION: take tramway line C (direction Les Aubiers) then change at Porte de Bourgogne. Take line A (direction Mérignac centre) and stop at Hôtel de Ville.

FROM THE AIRPORT:  At Aéroport Terminus bus stop, take the bus Liane 1 direction Gare Saint-Jean. Stop at Palais de Justice. Walk 7 mn to the Place Pey Berland.
Bus Liane 1 provides also connecting services with tramway Line A at Lycées de Mérignac. At stop Lycées de Mérignac take the tramway line A (direction La Gardette) and stop at Hôtel de Ville.


The University of Bordeaux is among the largest educational communities in France, with about 50,000 students housed both in the downtown campus and in a larger suburban campus on the periphery of the city. It enjoys strong ties with major French research institutions (CNRS, INSERM, INRA and others) as well as other educational institutions such as the Institute for Political Studies (Sciences Po). Most recently, it has been elected among the beneficiaries of IdEx (Initiatives d’Excellence), a selective funding programme of the French government to boost the international standing of French academic research and education.

GREThA (Groupe de Recherche en Économie Théorique et Appliquée; go to: English web site) is the largest research unit in economics of the University of Bordeaux, and it hosts both university faculty and CNRS researchers. Its activities are organized along three axis, one of which includes the Economics of Innovation along with Industrial Economics, Regional Economics, and the Economics of Science.

GREThA also hosts VIA-Inno, a technology intelligence unit that provides patent data analysis services to business companies and policy-makers (Web site). VIA-Inno’s partners include local technical consortia (such as InnoVin, Aquitaine Robotics, and Route des Lasers) and business firms (prominent among which is PSA Peugeot Citroën).

Two chairs hosted by GREThA mark the importance of research on innovation: the Chair of Economics of Innovation, funded by the Regional Council of Aquitaine; and the Chair of Technological Intelligence, which works in close cooperation with ViaInno.