Gerard Owens

Gerard (Ged) Owens, European Patent Office, Munich  –  Coordinator for IP5 including the Global Dossier; and “Patents and Standards”

Ged is engaged in the “IP5 Cooperation” at the EPO, working with the patent offices of China, Japan, Korea and the US, and WIPO in Geneva. Ged is responsible for coordinating EPO initiatives relating to IP5 Working Group 2, “IT related initiatives”, including the Global Dossier and the Global Dossier Task Force.

Ged is also responsible for coordinating EPO activities relating to the interactions between the global patent system and international standards development, concerning for instance “smart phones” and the Internet of Things / “Industry 4.0”. Ged liaises with standards development organisations, with the European Commission, and with other stakeholders in this area.

Ged has been working at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich for over 25 years. Holding degrees in Biochemical Engineering, then Human-Computer Interaction, he worked as a patent examiner, then for many years on managing business and user-related aspects of computer projects. He has also coordinated bilateral activities between EPO and WIPO, and Public Policy Issues, including the interactions of the global patent system with initiatives in climate change, standards, and life sciences.