The Gala Dinner – Tuesday 5

The Gala Dinner will take place on a River Cruise:

Departure/Arrival: 8pm-10.30pm, Pontoon d’Honneur at Quai Richelieu.


Meeting time and point: 10am @ 35 Pey Berland (PJJ Université de Bordeaux)

The guide will take you to one of the most prestigious monuments in Bordeaux: the Grand-Théâtre, built in the 18th century. He or she will start by asking you to look up to admire the sculptures of muses and goddesses overlooking the Place de la Comédie as well as the city’s famous mascarons (stone faces), wrought iron balconies, historic inscriptions, and a host of other architectural details. The pleasure of discovering Bordeaux continues with a walk along the quays and an opportunity to admire the unique panorama over the Garonne River. The reflecting pond in front of Place de La Bourse has become emblematic of the city. Nearby, Old Bordeaux features numerous charming squares surrounded by restaurants. Thanks to the guide, you will also be pleasantly surprised to discover, hidden at the end of a narrow street in the heart of the Saint Pierre district, Square Vinet and its green wall. The tour ends at Place de la Bourse and a visit to Bordeaux Patrimoine Mondial, the new centre that explains Bordeaux’s architectural heritage, as well as the Bordeaux of tomorrow thanks to multimedia tools. That is an example of itinerary which depends on weather, mood of the guide, number of people etc..; but in any case you will learn a lot about Bordeaux city.